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Weaver's Interest Meeting

Weaver's Interest meetings are held on the first Friday of each month, usless otherwise notified.

At the meetings we discuss a different topic each month, as well as discussing problems, challenges and wins, which helps everyone, as many of the things we deal with are the same for everyone.

We also bring along our looms or projects that we are working on.

Check diary dates for the next meeting.


At left is a scarf woven by Tricia, using 100% silk, in a goose eye pattern.


Saturday Meetings

Saturday Meetings are held every Saturday, showground events permitting. Times are the same as for Thursday meetings.

Everyone is welcome to attend, and bring along their projects to work on and have a chat.

One Saturday a month, mainly the last Saturday, we are trying to hold a workshop / demonstration / "do" day with a theme, that anyone can join in with.


knitted blanket

Above is a knitted motif baby rug or blanket for pre-school nap./ Knitted for her great neice or nephew by Karen.


The Toowoomba Spinners, Weavers & Dyers Group meet each Thursday and Saturday at the Homestead Building, Toowoomba Showgounds, Glenvale Road, Toowoomba, from 9:30 am. Members stay as long as they wish, with some members bringing their lunch, and staying until between 1 to 2 pm.

Visitors and new members are always welcome.

Newcomers are advised to check the Diary Dates page, as sometime there are "Whole of Grounds" events at the showgrounds and we don't have access to the homestead building. Members may meet at another location during these times.

General Meetings

These are more formal meetings that are held every two months at our Club rooms. See diary dates to check when these are on.


knitted scarf

Above is a knitted scarf by Jan, made from 100% alpaca. People bring their current projects to club days, which generates lots of talk.

Knitter's Interest Group

The Club is introducing a Knitter's Interest Group, to be held on the Third Friday of each month (access to showgrounds permitting).

The first knitters group met, and made plans for future meetings. They are going to do a square each month with one side 15 cm. They are to be in 8 ply, knitted on 4.5 mm meedles in soft garden colours. The patterns will vary each month. January's pattern was from a new book "Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible".

Next month we are trying Double Knitting, so come and bring 4.5 mm needles, and two contrasting 8 ply yarns.

If you have any questions, contact Ros on 0438 910 262.


knitted lace scarf

Above is a lovely knitted lace scarf by Sue. it was knitted using silk hankies, drawn out and knitted rather than spinning it first. The pattern is a Faroese shawl pattern.

Sue taught this technique at our Annual Weekend Camp in 2017. Much appreciated by all participants.



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