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The Club subscribes to quite a few magazines, including:

Handwoven Magazine;

Spin Off Magazine

The Wheel Magazine

Felt Magazine

The Australian Knitters Magazine.

These magazines can be borrowed by Club members, and are a great resource and provide wonderful inspiration to both the novice and the experienced.

The latest Handwoven and Spin Off Magazines are now available for loan.



Above are some Easter eggs, that were hand dyed at Club using pieces of silk ties, then boiled. The results were very interesting, however the fact that the eggs were brown, not white, made some of the results not as spectacular as they could have been.



The Club Library carried a huge range of books and all our crafts, plus many other crafts as well.

The books cover topics on all our main crafts of knitting, crocheting, dyeing, felting, weaving and spinning. We also receive copies of Handwoven and Spin Off magazines, and have just subscribed to the New Zealand Magazine - Creative Fibre, which has lots of wonderful articles and information. We also purchase new books at regular intervals, usually at the request of members, who have seen a book and believe it would be a great addition to our library.


The Club has a wide range of Equipment, from spinning wheels, looms and all the equipment associated with spinning, weaving etc. The equipment is available for members to hire out or just for use at the club. The hire fee is very reasonable, and is mainly to assist to replace items as they wear out.


Our Librarian is Ros D., and she is looking forward to help you get the books you need for any project.


We have just received new magazines from Handwoven and Felt Magazines. If you wish to borrow them for some inspiration, then see the Librarian.




Above is a sampler woven by Tricia. She used 4 ply cotton from Bendigo Woollen Mil. The patterns are from A Handweaver's Pattern Book, by Marguerite Davison, Caroline Halvorsen threading. Tricia was using the sample to decide on which one to use for some tea towels.

This book is available in our Library.


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