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woven vest

Above is a hand woven vest by Joy. Joy used natural dyed wools for the warp and wool from Bendigo Woollen Mills for the weft. The vest was finished with a knitted collar.

Pats ruana

Above is a hand woven ruana by Pat. Woven in a broken twill pattern using lots of different woollen threads in the warp.

felted shawl

Above is a felted shawl by Jan K, in the Nuno technique, using wool on material.

felters interest day

Above are 3 whimsical felted vessels completed by the felters at their Felter's Interest meeting in January.


ball by Jan

above is a handspun ball of yarn by Jan K. Jan spun dyed wool, then plied it with purple silk.


Above is a bamboo scarf, hand woven by Betty A. The weavers had an small Lace workshop at Weaver's Interest, and this was Betty's results, in Swedish Lace.

skein of wool

Above is a skein of wool, hand spun by Betty A. The wool was fine Australian merino of 18 microns.

felted cowls

Above are felted cowls, felted by Jan & Mariyen, testing out one of the workshops during our Camp.

felted hat

Above is a felted hat by Jan, who used alpaca fleece on wool fabric.


Above is the piece of woven Krokbradg by Ray & Christine. This piece was woven after the topic had been worked on at the Weaver's Interest Day in February.

knitted bag

Above is a knitted bag by Jan K. She knitted it using nylon and silk/rayon.


Above is a close up of Ray & Christine's Krokbradg mat, showing the fences and sheep.

knitted scarf

Above is a lovely scarf, hand knitted by Pat, using Noro yarn of wool and silk.

spun yarn

Above is some hand spun wool, which Gretchen used for her beret. See the Diary page for a photo of the beret.

woven vest

Above is a vest made by Pat from her hand woven woollen fabric.

Felted Vest

Above is a wonderful felted vest. Very colourful.

baby shawl

Above is a Baby Shawl hand knitted by Leon in cotton, using a lace pattern and with an integeral edging.



felted cowl

Above is a close up of a felted cowl by Lorna. Lorna used merino, silk & mohair in this Nuno, wet felted creation.

knitted shawl


at left is a hand spun and hand knitted shawl. Marilyn spun the fibre using merino and glitz to a gossamer weight. She then hand knitted it using a Shetland pattern.






felted shawl

Above is a felted cowl by Kirby, using cotton voile and wool.

Leon's  Shawl

Above is a hand spun, hand knitted wool shawl by Leon. The pattern is a lace pattern, and he added beads for a special feature.

Indigo dyed dress


shawl by Marilyn

at left is a indigo dyed dress, dyed by Ros, and modelled by Lorraine. Ros dip dyed the dress to achieve different layers of colour, starting with very dark at the bottom, and going up to light at the top.








this is a close up of the long scarf/shawl hand carded, hand spun and hand knitted by Marilyn.

the fibre is merino with added glitz.





skein by Kate

above is a skein of yarn from Kate. Kate spun three colours of brown alpaca then plied it with grey alpaca she had also handspun.



Ros' shawl

Above is a lovely shawl, hand knitted by Ros, using hand spun wool. The pattern is called Staburst. This is the garment in the banner above.

woven scarf

Above is a handwoven scarf by Rochelle, who also attended the lace workshop at Weaver's Interest. Rochelle wove this scarf in cotton using a Huck Lace pattern.

hand woven vest

Above is a wonderful hand woven vest, made by Pat. She used a lot of her left over yarn from other projects. The pattern was Hair Line Effect.


Above is Betty showing her Ruana she has hand woven.

novelty yarn

At left is some hand spun novelty yarn by Lorraine, who spun mohair on a core.






crochet cats

Above are some wonderful cats, crocheted by Diane.

patchwork vest


At left is a patchwork vest made by Betty A. She felted the pieces then sewed them onto the material.





woven towel

Above is a hand woven towel by Pat. This is one of a set she wove, including the section shown in the banner. Pat used lots of odd balls in the weft, inlcuding linen, cotton, bamboo and more. Each towel had a different pattern woven into it.

felters interest day

Above are some of our wonderful felters, setting up on the Felter's Interest Day






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