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knitted doily

Above is a knitted doily by Jan. Knitted in bamboo from a book called Fresh Knit Doilies.

knitted hat

Above is a hand knitted beanie by Pat. It was knitted out of wool and blends in a Crazy pattern.

ice dyed warp

Above is an ice dyed cotton warp, completed by Joy

Diary Dates:

29 Mar 18 - Thursday Club Day

31 Mar 18 - NO Saturday Club Day, due to it being Easter Saturday.

5 Apr 18 - Thursday Club day & General Meeting (note brought forward, due to show)

6 Apr - Weaver's Interest Day

7 Apr 18 - Saturday Club Day

No normal Club Days over the Toowoomba Show period - 12 - 14 April 18.

12,13 & 14 April 18 - Toowoomba Royal Show. We have an exhibition in our Club rooms during the Royal Show.

16 Apr - Felter's Interest Day

19 Apr - Thursday Club Day

20 Apr - Knitter's Interest Day

21 Apr - Saturday Club Day

26 Apr - Thursday Club Day

28 Apr - Saturday Club Day

3 May - Thursday Club Day

8, 9 & 10 Jun 18 - Toowoomba Annual Camp, at James Byrne Centre, Highfields. Click here to download the forms in the format you want. Word or PDF.


knitted wrap

Above and below are photos of a wonderful hand spun, handknitted shawl by Marilyn.




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