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Leon's knitting

Above is a close up view of a hand spun, hand knitted wool shawl by Leon. The pattern was a lace pattern, and he added beads to enhance the pattern.

felted  scarf

Above: A felted scarf by Kate. Kate wet felted onto silk fabric, using wool rovings, silk and mohair fibre.

Diary Dates:

26th Nov - Thursday Club Day

28th Nov - Saturday Club Day

3rd December -Thursday Club Day, then Christmas Lunch at the Federal Hotel starting at 11:30 am. (list at Club or RSVP to Ros)

5th December - Saturday Club Day

10th December - Thursday Club Day & General Meeting

11th December - Weavers' Interest Day & Break-up at Tricia's place, starting at 10 am (RSVP to Joy by 4th Dec).

12th December - Saturday Club Day

17th December - Thursday Club Day & last day of the year.

19th December - Saturday Club Day & Break-up lunch at Urban Grounds starting at 12:30 pm. RSVP to Sue by 11th Dec.

Club closed for Christmas Holidays.

14th January 21 - 1st Thursday Club Day for 2021

16th January 21 - 1st Saturday Club Day for 2021


cowl by Lorna

at left is a hand felted cowl by Lorna. Very versatile, can be worn as a hat, cowl, scarf.

Lorna hand felted it using merino, silk & mohair, using the Nuno, wet felting technique.







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