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felted  scarf

Above: A felted scarf by Kate. Kate wet felted onto silk fabric, using wool rovings, silk and mohair fibre.

knitted vest

Above is a hand knitted vest by Jan R, in handspun wool.

yarn bombing

Above is a yarn bombed trike, to use to attract people to our exhibitions.

Thanks to Betty who donated the trike, and a special thank you to Sue, who did the yarn bombing. Wonderful job.

Diary Dates:

23rd Mar - Saturday Club Day

28 - 30 March - Toowoomba Royal Show (note: no normal club days) but we have an exhibition in our Rooms in the Showgrounds for members to sell their work.

4th April - Thursday Club Day

6th April - Saturday Club Day

11th April - Thursday Club Day & General Meeting

12th April - Weaver's Interest Day. Note: date change this month

13th April - Saturday Club Day

15th April - Felter's Interest Day

18th April - Thursday Club Day & Knitters Interest Group

20th April - No Club at it is Easter Saturday

25th April - Thursday Club Day - ANZAC day, we are still opening

2nd May - Thursday Club Day

3rd May - Weaver's Interest Day

4th May - Saturday Club Day


Upcoming Dates to put in your Diary:

7 - 9 June - Toowoomba Weekend Camp

20 - 25 September - Carnival of Flowers - Club Exhibition

Crochet Fox



At left is Gunther the Fox, crocheted by Miriam.

He was so cute.
















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