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TSWD Camp. Our camp was a great success, with everyone having lots of fun and laughter, together with wild weather and a blackout for a couple of hours on Saturday evening. Nearly had dinner by candle light.

To try for better weather, we have changed our date for next year's camp. it will now be held over the weekend 9-11 June 2017.

Our next big event will be our exhibition during Carnival of Flowers at St Luke's Anglican Church Hall from Friday 16th September to Wednesday 21st September 2016.

Our members will exhibit, for sale, their wonderful handmade garments. Made from natural fibres, which may be handspun, woven, felted, knitted, crocheted, and more. These unique items will provide a very beautiful display of our wonderful crafts.


Please note we have a new mailing address, which is:

Toowoomba Spinners, Weavers & Dyers Group, PO Box 18390, Clifford Gardens, Qld 4350.


Our Banner this month is a wool scarf completed in woven shibori, then dyed by Joy.

Where is Toowoomba?

map of Australia

Our club rooms are located at the Homestead Building,
Toowoomba Showgounds
Glenvale Road, Toowoomba.

Glenvale Toowoomba

Map of the western side of Toowoomba. Click on map to see a larger copy.


The Toowoomba Spinners, Weavers & Dyers Group was formed by a small number of women in 1977. A few people who had similar interests and wanted to meet on a regular basis started the club. A notice was placed in the local paper and the club started. Emma McLellan was the founder with a few other women. Lucy Frost and Joyce Baker (Foundation members) are still current members.

Membership in 2015 stands at around 70 and includes men and women from all age groups.

While spinning was the initial interest the organisation now also includes all fibre crafts, including weaving, felting, dyeing and much more.


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